Praise and Reviews for Seattle Thai Massage

I can’t say enough good things about the amazing Thai massage sessions I’ve experienced with Nityia. Even after my first session I had much more flexibility and the chronic pain from a low back and hip injury was greatly reduced. Follow-up sessions have brought even more improvement. I firmly believe that I will be pain free and back to normal again soon thanks to Nityia. She is extremely knowledgeable, totally professional and highly skilled. FYI – This is not typical feel good massage. Sure, you’ll feel absolutely great but this is ‘get in deep and work on it’ massage. Seriously, get your next massage from Nityia. You’ll feel a big difference.” Tom P. Seattle WA –  Yelp Review

Nityia takes the time before each session to check in on your needs.  She remembers your massage journey as if she was the one receiving the body work.  That’s wonderful because I know she is thoughtful and it gives me a sense of  continuity from one session to the next.  Nityia is the only practitioner able to reach the deep tension in my thighs by her particular Thai technique.  Her work has also given me the awareness that hips are made to swivel.  I came to realize that I had been holding my hips tightly for decades. I felt like I had a body below the hips and a second above the hips so I was all screwed up.  Now I feel loose and I get emotional about it sometimes.  Thanks Nityia!” Glenn S. Seattle, WA – Yelp Review

Best massage I’ve ever had. Esp if you need a good deep tissue and stretch mix. She got me in with just a few hours notice. Very clean, comfortable and professional. I will be back!!”


Spokane, WA

The best Thai and deep tissue massage work I have had. Seattle is lucky to have Nityia performing great work in a quiet space. Easy to get to and always flexible for scheduling


Seattle, WA

Had a wonderful session with Nityia that combined deep tissue massage and wonderful stretching. If you’re active and exercise regularly this type of combination is a MUST for proper joint mobility and injury prevention. Highly recommended :)”

Peter F

Personal Trainer

Lucky you for reading my review and finding this listing so I can tell you, you’ve hit gold! I have had A LOT of massages- and you name the style, from Bhutan to Costa Rica to LA, I’ve gotten to experience many techniques and levels of expertise, not to mention intuition…. I’m fit but I work like a horse so I get sore – I have problems with my jaw and it wrecks havoc on my body asides from the abuse I put it through so these massages are VERY important to me and I take the matter seriously.So, now you know I’m an authority on massages here ? let me tell you, this masseuse is quite possibly THE best.  If there was another, I can’t remember, which indicates not.  This to say, you need a massage, you got your lady. Get ready to be more you/ and by that I mean gain inches- like I did- yes about an inch, from being rectified by this magic massage. ” Mileece P., Los Angeles, CA –Yelp Review

Nityia was wonderful and really cared about what I needed as a massage. She did a quick consultation at the beginning to see what brought me in and knew exactly what I needed to help! Within 5 minutes of the massage my tension headache went away and I left feeling loose and relaxed. She really got in there and loosened up my problem areas. Not to mention she was able to squeeze me in last minute! Her location is private and quiet and very comfortable.” Zsanali M. Seattle WA, – Yelp Review

Just finished my first bodywork session with Nityia. She has been referred to me for several years so I finally said, go! I’ve had a lot of bodywork in my day and I can definitely say she is among the very top. The combination of deep tissue with Thai is perfect. Her technique is strong, grounded and intuitive. I highly recommend her.” Kim I. Seattle WA – Yelp Review

I have never felt “buzzy” after a massage- what an amazing experience! I am a hairdresser and suffer from a lot of chronic aches and pains and have particularly tightly wound shoulders and Nityia was able to work them out better than any therapist I have seen in the past. I also have trouble relaxing while getting body work; due to my profession massages are not usually super relaxing but more therapeutic- I never dreamed I could have both but Nityia has changed that for me! I can’t speak highly enough of her.” Emily D. Coven Salon, owner- Yelp Review

Absolutely the greatest massage I’ve ever had. Her mastery of Thai massage with it’s stretching, and opening, and full body involvement combined with her spot on deep tissue is amazing. I’m a 200+ pound 6’2″ man who has had numerous injuries and therefor treatment from many PTs and Massage Therapists and Nityia is the best. If I lived in the area I would see her every week!” John H. Berkley, CA- Yelp Review

One of the best massages I’ve ever had! Nityia takes the time to determine what exactly needs to be done what the issues are, and then sets about in a very specific and educated way to help you feel better, rehabilitate, or just relax! I recommend Thai Massage Seattle.” Bill S., Seattle – Yelp Review

“The best Thai and deep tissue massage work I have had. Seattle is lucky to have Nityia performing great work in a quiet space. Easy to get to and always flexible for scheduling.”  -ag, Seattle WA, – Yelp Review

Hands down the best massage I’ve ever had. The combination of deep tissue work and stretching was exactly what I was looking for. I will absolutely be returning to see Nityia. Don’t let the location fool you. It’s a small, home studio space. But it is clean, professional, and seeing Nityia was a million times better than a strip-mall or health club franchise.” Frank R., Sammamish, WA- Yelp Review

Nityia was great!  I’ve had a lot of deep tissue massage and hers was among the best.  And the thai massage was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It loosened up my hips and legs and helped me to release a lot of tension that I didn’t realize I was holding on to.  I will definitely be going back and highly recommend Nityia.” Nadine S. Seattle, WA – Yelp Review

Amazing! Best combo of Thai and deep tissue I’ve ever had. I will be a regular ? I liked that Nityia stays centered and is mentally present throughout the massage. Not like those massages when you can feel the therapist zone out and just go through the motions, so to speak. Super strong hands,  positive and peaceful energy. I highly recommend.” Stephanie F. Issaquah, WA – Yelp Review

What a treat!!! I could not have found somebody more skilled than Nityia. And I have massages on a regular basis….I know! Nityia’s technique is impeccable and she is warm, caring and professional. I came back to my room at the hotel felling calm, relieved and relaxed. If you live or visit Seattle as a tourist or a business person (like me), please, give yourself the gift of having Nityia work on you.” Nora Favelukes, Manhattan, New York –
Yelp Review

I have a chronic issue with the muscles in my neck and shoulders. I’ve tried for years to get relief. Weights and circuit training, meditation, weekly massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, Graston, stretching, muscle relaxants; nothing provided any lasting relief and few provided much relief at all. I made an appointment with Nityia because I was interested in Thai massage and in need of some deep tissue work. This was like no other massage I have ever had. Nityia seemed to intuitively know the right pressure and areas. I was able to totally relax, as I immediately felt able to trust Nityia. I left her studio with my arms, neck and shoulders absolutely tingling. They didn’t feel like my own. I immediately scheduled a second appointment. In 90 minutes Nityia went from a stranger to my regular massage therapist!” J.L Seattle, WA – Yelp Review

I am very grateful for the body work I just received from Nityia at Thai Massage Seattle.  This modality is, by far — the best suited for my body’s needs.  I only wish I had discovered it long time ago!  My goals were to loosen up my super bound up shoulder/chest/upper back area, along with my tight IT band and hips which were causing discomfort in my knees.  I don’t want to sound like an over-evengelical believer–but maybe I AM just that and need to own it–OK, I’ll say it:  I’m a newfound true believer of Thai Massage–and especially, a fan of the wonderful technique, intuition and personalized attention of Nityia .”

My 90 minute massage (highly recommended) included 45 minutes of deep tissue massage in the areas that needed to be decongested and loosened up…upper back, neck, shoulders and finally hamstrings.  Afterwards, those areas were freed up to enable total relaxation and flowing movement facilitated by Nitya’s Thai Massage techniques.  TOTAL BLISS!  Will make this a must-do for a monthly maintenance plan to enhance the other activities that make up my exercise regimen. (walking, hiking, skiing, swimming and Pilates)…and particularly, to counteract the hunched-forward posture and tightness in hips one gets from sitting at a desk, driving kids around performing daily household tasks (again–hunched forward chopping, cooking, dishes etc.) You will enjoy the warmth and caring atmosphere of her charming studio, conveniently located directly off the freeway in South-ish Seattle.”  Aubergine R. Edmonds, WA – Yelp Review