Enjoy the luxury of a massage in your home or hotel room

Have you ever received a massage and then just wanted to slip into your robe and relax in the comfort of your home  – no more driving, no more sitting in traffic, no more stress. The relaxation process just carries on. This premium level ‘Spa in your home’ out-call massage session is the ultimate luxury in essential self-care.

‘Spa in your home’ outcall massage sessions are a luxurious TWO HOURS in length
I’ll bring my:

  • Massage table
  • Fresh linens
  • HEATED table warmer
  • Granite stone massage tools
  • Pillows and bolsters
  • Relaxing music

Your ‘job’ is to simply unwind and  sink into a deep, rejuvenating state of relaxation.
Limited evening and weekend bookings for this LUXURY SESSION.
In-home, out-call massage session fee is $300

In-home massage sessions make great gifts.

In-Home, Out-Call, 2HR Massage Session

– $50 deposit is required to reserve your outcall, in-home massage session
– 48hr notice is required for cancellation or re-booking
– Booking in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Medina
– Travel within 10 miles of location; over 10 miles requires a surcharge

Combining Traditional Thai Massage Techniques with Deep Tissue Massage

Nityia, LMP since 1991

Call (206) 778-0191 to schedule your session