Places, People and Services that I love –

Nityia– “Your Beautiful Life” – My other career- I love to photograph women in all phases of their life. I create the space for women to find and feel their “inner gorgeous”…. ‘cuz we all got it and the world needs us to SHINE – in our own personal way.  “Your Body Renaissance“- is my latest focus- creating experiences for women to shift their self-image and find, feel and experience their beauty. Pop on over and check out my photography galleries, I also photograph maternity/pregnancy, newborns and families.

Nityia Design– If you need a CMS wordpress website — look here.

Yoga on Beacon Located on the top of Beacon Hill- this neighborhood yoga studio has been helping people stretch, de-stress and reconnect with their best selves. The studio is warm and welcoming and offers some of the best yoga in town. Yoga on Beacon(YoBe) is a cocoon for cultivating community, peace, vibrant health, and transformation. Emerge renewed, radiant, balanced, and empowered. They offer yoga classes to suit various interests and ability levels, taught by a diverse, well-trained team. Dee Hein has been a yoga practitioner for over twenty years, you’ll be in excellent hands.

Jenna Rizzo You’ll find Jenna at the intersection of creativity and healing; art and intuition, permission and possibility. Are you ready for support in finding more pleasure, creativity and happiness in your life? Jenna invites you to explore the power of art, therapy and coaching to have the most creative and ultimately most pleasurable life possible.