by | Feb 27, 2021 | Health and Wellness, Massage

* UPDATED 3/21/21: recieved my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.  Woo-Hoo!  Felt a little soreness in the injection site, but no other symptoms.  GRATEFUL.

I’m feeling super *fortunate* that I was able to get my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine today.  As a healthcare provider licensed with the Washington Department of Health, I signed up through my Kaiser Permanente insurance to book my vaccine appointment.  The process was incredibly smooth and easy.   I couldn’t believe how quickly the line moved and how incredibly organized the vaccine team was.  Everyone was super friendly and the people in line seemed GRATEFUL for the opportunity to follow science and get this crisis under control.  Patients were thanking the Kaiser team for doing their work and the Kaiser team was thanking patients for showing up and getting vaccinated.

I arrived close to 8am and a socially distanced line was already forming in the parking of the Renton facility.  Once the front doors opened, there was a steady stream of movement through the process. We snaked through a line that ultimately led to about 8 people doing ‘check-in’.  After checking in with my insurance ID, I hopped over the vaccine line.  My vacinator was super friendly and smiled for my selfie.  She was pretty happy to announce that her friends had seen her face posted several times on Insta-gram.   The shot itself didn’t hurt at all, and I’ve experienced no pain afterwards.

After the needle, I was directed to a waiting area where patients were monitored for 15-30 minutes post-injection.  I logged into my Kaiser patient dashboard via my phone and was surprised to see I had already been given a date for my second dosage and just needed to confirm that appointment.  EASY-PEASY!

Feeling VERY GRATEFUL for the opportunity to protect my health and the health of the community.

* Even with my vaccine status, MASKS will still be REQUIRED for the entire duration of my massage sessions. I also run an exhaust fan in the window and a very good quality HEPA air filter in the treatment room. As Dr. Fauci says, “it’s important to stay vigil” with our prevention habits.  Stay HEALTHY!