Let go of unconscious holding patterns with Thai Massage

by | Mar 21, 2021 | Health and Wellness, Massage, Stretching Massage, Thai Massage Therapy

We all have unconscious physical holding patterns that tighten up our body, emotions, and even relationships. When we let bad posture go unchecked, our muscles begin to lock up and lose their flexibility and suppleness.  This tightness can translate into feeling bound up emotionally as well. Mind follows body and body follows mind.  If bad postural habits go unchecked, they become ingrained in our physical and emotional being and start to create pain and discomfort.  Holding patterns come from physical things like slouching, imbalanced seating ( leaning one arm or sitting more on one side of your hip) , crossing your legs, looking down at your phone or shoulders riding up into your ears. These type of holding patterns shorten our muscles, restrict the healthy flow of blood and oxygen and can leave us feeling tight and constricted in our body.  Emotional patterns come from rigid thinking, inflexibility, negative self talk and denial. They have similar consequences of restricing our physical body, PLUS they can affect our personal growth and development.

One way powerful way to bring awareness back to our body is through deep tissue massage combined with traditional thai massage.  There is nothing better than *giving ourselves a break* and turning down our nervous system by a few notches.  I always encourage my clients to “drop in”, bringing their awareness into their muscles and bones and let everything soften and let go.  A good deep tissue massage is an experience in reconnecting with our ‘home’- an opportunity to feel comfortable and relaxed in our physical being.  Traditional thai massage is particularly good for letting go of unconscious holding patterns because a massage practitioner moves your joints and compresses the muscles in a way that breaks up the pattern our brain has been accustomed to.

During a massage session, the holding pattern is a subtle gripping of the hip, low back, or shoulders and clients don’t even realize they’re holding on.  By giving the limb a light tap-tap, or light shake it raises awareness of the pattern and allows a massage client to  let go and drop in a little more.

Deep tissue and thai massage creates the incredible feeling of releasing muscle tightness and feeling more open and relaxed in our body.  When we release sub-conscious  physical holding patterns, we have access to a new way of experiencing sensations.  Over time, our muscles and nervous system can be retrained to be in a place of healthy alignment with open and expansive muscle and joint mobility.   

The ultimate magic of this is the transformation of mind and spirt that follows our physical opening up and letting go.  If we learn to physically let go of unconscious holding patterns our MIND follows.  When we are not bound up in physical tension, we are less bound up in emotional tension.  This shift has a positive affect on our relationships with our partners, our children and our co-workers.

If you are interested in booking a deep tissue, traditional thai massage call or email me to set up a session and let the transformation begin!