Massage, Mindfulness, and Self Care

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Blog, Health and Wellness, Massage

Approaching a massage session with mindfulness and intention can amplify and deepen your experience of stress relief and relaxation. I always ask massage clients to drop in and really *be present in the moment* in order to get the greatest benefit from the session. Massage therapy is a time to consciously let go of holding patterns and tension and allow muscles and mind to relax and let go. It is also a good time to send yourself the message that “you are deliberately taking time for rejuvenation”. Be intentional and be open to reaping the full benefit of turning down your nervous a few notches.

The benefits of therapeutic massage include:
• reducing stress and nervousness
• improving the quality of sleep
• relieve anxiety and depression
• bring a sense of calm and well-being to your mind
• create a sense of openness and possibility

When our muscles are relaxed, expanded, and open, the mind follows. Releasing physical constriction also relieves mental and emotional constriction. Approach your next massage with the attitude of refreshing your mental well-being just as much your physical well being. Ultimately this physical and mental refresh will help your relationships, productivity and creativity. Stay Healthy and Be Well!