I am following STRICT SAFETY PROTOCOLS to keep my clients, myself and the community healthy. During the session, I have an OPEN WINDOW with an exhaust fan, a HEPA filter, and strict mask and cleaning policy.  *I also have a TABLE WARMER and HEATER to keep you warm. If you feel sick or suspect you may have been exposed to CV19, please do not book a session.  Let’s all do our part to get through these trying times.

Combining Traditional Thai Massage Techniques with Deep Tissue Massage

Nityia, LMP since 1991

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Massage Rates

One hour $100

One and half hour $150

Two hours $200

Massage in your hotel or home

Premium Level pampering, massage therapy sessions. I travel to your location.

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Absolutely the greatest massage I’ve ever had. Her mastery of Thai massage with it’s stretching, and opening, and full body involvement combined with her spot on deep tissue is amazing.

John H.

Hands down the best massage I’ve ever had. The combination of deep tissue work and stretching was exactly what I was looking for..

Frank R.

Thai Massage Seattle, Nityia, LMP since 1991

Nityia, LMP since 1991

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Thai Massage Techniques and Deep Tissue Massage

Thai style massage in combination with deep tissue work is a very powerful and effective technique for relieving muscle tension and pain while also opening up the hips and low back.  You’ll have the feeling that layers of tension from physical and emotional holding patterns are being peeled away.

My specialty is combining soothing deep tissue massage with the expansive stretches of Traditional Thai massage. Incorporating a heated granite stone, I can apply precise, warm pressure for exquisite muscle release. The heat and pressure are a potent combination to move through the myofacial connective tissue and provide lasting relief.  As a licensed massage therapist since 1991, I am honored to create the space for clients to feel profound physical and emotional healing.

Due to COVID 19 HEALTH AND SAFETY ISSUES, I AM NOT CURRENTLY OFFERING OUTCALL SERVICES. I hope to offer this service again as community transimission numbers decrease. I also offer massage in your hotel or massage in your home as a premium level service.  I will travel to your location and you will recieve the best massage and pampering you have ever experienced. Click HERE to learn more about MASSAGE IN YOUR HOTEL or HOME.

Nityia takes the time before each session to check in on your needs.  She remembers your massage journey as if she was the one receiving the body work.  That’s wonderful because I know she is thoughtful and it gives me a sense of  continuity from one session to the next.

Glen S.

Nityia was great!  I’ve had a lot of deep tissue massage and hers was among the best.  And the thai massage was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It loosened up my hips and legs and helped me to release a lot of tension that I didn’t realize I was holding on to.

Nadine S.

Amazing! Best combo of Thai and deep tissue I’ve ever had….I liked that Nityia stays centered and is mentally present throughout the massage. Not like those massages when you can feel the therapist zone out and just go through the motions, so to speak. Super strong hands,  positive and peaceful energy. I highly recommend.

Stephanie F.

Combining Traditional Thai Massage Techniques with Deep Tissue Massage.


Massage in your hotel or home.

Nityia, LMP since 1991

Call (206) 778-0191 to schedule your session